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Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh – Best For Premature Ejaculation Treatment In Patna

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Premature Ejaculation (PE) occurs when a man has an orgasm or ejaculates before intercourse. It’s the most common sexual dysfunction issue, affecting 30% to 40% of men.

Ejaculation is mainly caused due to chemical imbalances, physical problems, stress, and psychological factors.

Premature Ejaculation treatment includes techniques to delay ejaculation, medications, and counseling.

If ejaculation happens frequently and causes problems, you must consult Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh Sexologist Doctor In Patna who provides the best Premature Ejaculation treatment in Patna.

Men often wonder how much sperm comes out when they come, so here we have discussed it, take a look.

How Much Semen A Man Produces When He Ejaculates?

As you go through puberty, the amount of orgasm you ejaculate while sex tends to rise and change in terms of both quality and texture.

First Ejaculation:

Average semen amount: 0.5 milliliters

Texture and color of semen: clear, jelly-like

6 Months After Your First Ejaculation:

Average semen amount: 1 milliliter

Texture and color of semen: clear, jelly-like

1 Year After Your First Ejaculation:

Average semen amount: 2.5 milliliters

Texture and color of semen: clear or white jelly-like or sticky liquid

2 Year After Your First Ejaculation: The amount of semen is the same as an adult

Average semen amount: 3.5 milliliters

Texture and color of semen: white sticky liquid

Premature Ejaculation Causes

Emotional/ psychological, chemical, and physical factors are the main cause of premature ejaculation.

Physical and chemical Causes

  • Dopamine or Low serotonin levels, chemicals in the brain that are involved in the excitement and sexual desire.
  • Men have hormonal problems with oxytocin levels. It plays a crucial role in sexual function in men. Besides, other hormonal level that is crucial in sexual function includes thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), prolactin and luteinizing hormone (LH).
  • An underlying diagnosis of ED
  • A penis is sensitive to stimulation

Emotional or psychological causes:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Performance anxiety – it could be due to lack of confidence, stimulation, or anxiousness of having sex again after a long period of abstinence
  • Relationship problems

Premature Ejaculation Treatments

There are many Premature Ejaculation Treatment options available depending on the cause.

These basically include:

  • Behavioural Therapy
  • Medications
  • Counseling

Most premature ejaculation causes are usually treated counseling and/or behavior therapy to help with performance anxiety, stress, or emotional concerns.

However, more than one treatment method may be tried at the same time for most of the causes.

Behavioral therapy

This therapy treatment involves different techniques to prevent quick ejaculation. Its main purpose is to teach you how to control your emotions, feelings, and your body.

The method includes:

Start And Stop

In this method, both you and your partner excite your penis close to the orgasm point and for about 30 seconds, stop the stimulation until you regain your response control. Repeat this method at least 3-4 times before allowing yourself to ejaculate. Keep it in practice until you gain good control over your ejaculation.

Squeeze therapy

This Premature Ejaculation treatment technique is very similar to ‘Start And Stop’ Therapy. Just a little twist added to it. In this method, after stimulating your penis close to the point of orgasm you have to gently squeeze the penis head for about 30 seconds. In this way, you’ll start to lose your erection. Repeat this procedure a few times allowing yourself to ejaculate.

Distracted thinking

This technique teaches you to focus your attention on normal non-sexual things despite the fact you’re being sexually aroused.


According to the doctors, men and women who are on antidepressants mostly suffer from delayed ejaculation. Certain medications such as sertraline, fluoxetine, clomipramine, paroxetine, and tramadol affect the levels of serotonin. Some doctors use these medications to treat PE.

Medicines prescribed by the doctors can be taken each day or only before sex. However, the best time for taking these medicines is not clear.

Most doctors suggest taking medications for Premature Ejaculation treatment on an ongoing basis.

Note: PE can return if you stop taking medications.


If the cause of your Premature Ejaculation is due to relationship issues like stress, performance anxiety, depression, emotional or psychological – seek the help of the Best Sexologist Doctor In Patna.

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh – The Top Sexologist For Premature Ejaculation Treatment In Patna

If you are from Patna and suffering from Premature Ejaculation, then we suggest you book an appointment with the Best Sexologist Doctor In Patna Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.

He is the Top Sexologist In Patna who has studied MBBS from the top-ranked WHO list government medical college and did his postgraduate MD in psychiatry from the top-ranked university at Pune.

With more than 9 years of experience and persistent efforts, Dr. Vivek provides the best treatment for Premature Ejaculation.

Wrapping Up

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is very common in young adults, however, it’s a treatable problem.

If you ejaculate sooner than you wish during sex, immediately book an appointment with a sexologist doctor in Patna Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.

Even if you feel embarrassed about discussing sexual health issues, don’t let that keep you from talking to your doctor.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments section below…


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