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Best Sexologist Doctor in Patna

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh is a leading Neuropsychiatrist dealing with sexual health issues at Patna, He is one of the Top Sexologists In Patna, Bihar

Top Sexologist in Patna, Bihar

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh is a leading Neuropsychiatrist dealing with sexual health issues in Patna, Bihar. He studied his MBBS from the top-ranked WHO list government medical college and completed his postgraduate MD in psychiatry from the top-ranked university at Pune. He did Diploma in Neurology from Birmingham, UK in 2019 and further did Diploma in community mental health from CIP, Ranchi.

He is an expert in the field of neuropsychiatry and is the only psychiatrist in Eastern India having a degree in Neurology after doing psychiatry. He also has expertise in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry and is a milestone for daycare De-Addiction in Bihar. He worked in past at Aiims and thereafter he is currently Sr at Pmch, Patna. He is the best Sex Doctor in Patna.

Treatments That We Provide

We hope and strive towards making lives better through the Best Sexologist Doctor in Patna

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation Treatment in Patna

Loss of interest in sex

Loss of interest in sex

Loss of interest in sex treatment

Pain during sex

Pain during sex Treatment in Patna



Nightfall Treatment in Patna

Genital Size Disorder

Genital Size Disorder

Genital Size Disorder Treatment in Patna

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction Treatment in Patna

Not be ashamed or afraid to speak up about sexual health issues.

DR VIVEK PRATAP SINGH – Best Sex Doctor in Patna

Top Sexologist Doctor In Patna for male and female sexual problems, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh has guided a number of patients towards a healthier path.’

Sexual Health Problems, We are Expert in Treating:

1. Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In Patna

Erectile Dysfunction or ED happens when a man is unable to attain or keep an erection to have sexual intercourse.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, consult with your doctor – even if you are embarrassed.

Whether you are concerned about ED or are hoping to overcome this condition, immediately seek help for yourself and talk to the Top Sexologist Doctor in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.

You should not be afraid or ashamed to speak up about sexual health issues. Sometimes, it’s better to treat an underlying condition in order to reverse erectile dysfunction. However, in other cases, direct treatments or medications might be required.

2. Dhat Syndrome

Dhat syndrome (Sanskrit: धातु दोष, IAST: Dhātu doṣa) is a semen-loss related psychological distress found in the cultures of South Asia. In this condition, men suffer from impotence or premature ejaculation and believe that they are passing semen with urine.

3. Premature ejaculation Treatment In Patna

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a type of sexual dysfunction that occurs when a man ejaculates sooner than they or their partner would like.

The time of men’s ejaculation is not set, however, if you have an orgasm before intercourse, then it can be a frustrating experience for both you and your partner.

If you have frequent premature ejaculations, you should immediately make an appointment to see a top sexologist in Patna Bihar, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.

Do not feel embarrassed or never be ashamed to speak up about sexual health issues.

4. Loss of interest in sex

Low libido or no interest in sexual activity is known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in medical terms. It’s the most common sexual dysfunction in females.

According to a study, nearly one-third of the women who are between the age of 18 to 59 suffer from a lack of interest in sex, and it’s not all in their heads.

5. Pain During Sex

Women can experience cramps during or after sex. The pain can occur either in the vagina or deeper in the pelvis.

Thrush or a sexually transmitted infection (STI) such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, or genital herpes could be the reason for the pain in the vagina.

Menopause – the hormonal changes can make your vagina dry.

6. Nightfall Treatment By Top Sexologist Doctor in Patna In 2021

Nightfall or wet dreams is a condition in which a male ejaculates during sleep, without being aware of it.

This happens normally late at night or in the early morning. The reason behind the Nightfall in men are fluctuating hormone levels, weakness of the penile nerves and muscles owing to excessive masturbation, a full bladder, and thinning of semen viscosity.

Although men can hold the discharge of semen, the excess is termed as night discharge.

Men who suffer from wet dreams more frequently may experience, weaker sexual incapacity, dizziness, insomnia, infertility, erectile dysfunction, knee pain, loss of sight and memory, stress.

7. Body Dysmorphic Disorder Concentrated on Genital Organ Size

Sometimes, men feel that their penis size is smaller than it should be, even if they have a normal penile size. They worry that their penis is too small.

This distorted perception is called penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD) which leads to anxiety and distress in men.

If you are suffering from small penis syndrome, then immediately talk to Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh Best Sex Doctor In Patna.

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